Winding down for Christmas

It’s coming to that time of year: the kids are tired, you’re tired, and everyone is just trying to make it to the end of the term. With only three more days to go, why not start winding down with some fun activities for you and your pupils to enjoy?

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Interdisciplinary learning: creative thinking for a complex world

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, the RSE’s Education Committee will hold its first education conference, bringing together teachers, policy makers, educational leaders and researchers to discuss interdisciplinary learning. Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) draws together knowledge and understanding from multiple subjects or disciplines in order to solve problems or advance understanding of a subject. During the Conference, the concept of IDL will be further explained to showcase how it can translate into a classroom environment. […]

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Take learning out of the classroom with Ocean Youth Trust

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland provides adventurous youth work voyages where young people build skills and gain qualifications. One teacher tells us about her experience of sailing with OYT Scotland. Funded through the Pupil Equity Fund and the Scottish Attainment Challenge Fund, she and a colleague were able to bring along a group of 10 young people for a week full […]

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