Thank a teacher this World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teacher Day, an opportunity for your students to show their appreciation for all of the hard work you do. The dedicated day falls on 5 October every year and is a well deserved acknowledgment of the positive ways teachers contribute to young people’s lives. Why we celebrate Aside from the celebration of teachers themselves, the day was […]

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Recycle week: Bringing recycling into the classroom

This week is recycle week ♻️. Incorporating recycling into the classroom can be fun and easy.  This year recycling has been in the spotlight with the ban of plastic micro beads in cosmetics and a public outcry on the use of non-recyclable plastic straws. Despite the war on plastic taking centre stage across social media sites, more needs to be […]

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ILF Scotland opens new fund for young disabled people!

Building on the successful transition from ILF UK to ILF Scotland, the organisation has opened an exciting new fund (totalling £5 million per year) for young people who need support in Scotland. The Transition Fund supports those aged between 16 and 21, offering short term grants to provide opportunities that facilitate their participation and inclusion within their communities. Opportunity Ryan […]

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