Understanding epilepsy

With the condition affecting one in 103 people in the UK, epilepsy is far more common than you might think – and it’s important that teachers and support staff get clued up on how best to support those affected. We find out more from Epilepsy Action Whether you work in a special education environment

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De-stress your students

You’ve handed out the mind maps and delivered your best ‘don’t stress’ speech, but still you can feel your pupils’ panic rising. Is there any more you can do to help? We speak to Janey Downshire, expert and author of Teenagers Translated, to see what more teachers can do to help tackle stress

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Understanding Autism

With the number of young people being diagnosed with autism on the rise, it’s crucial that teachers get a solid understanding of what the condition entails and what they can do to support learners to achieve their full potential – but where do you start? We find out more about

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