Have you thought about a long-distance masters?

As a teacher, you’ll be fully aware of the importance of education, but how much do you think about carrying on with your own?  Your own educational journey doesn’t have to stop when you’re qualified to teach – and a Masters is a perfect way to give you a helpful push up the careers ladder and make your professional skills both unique and exceptionally suited to the complex demands of the contemporary learning environment.

We’ve picked out five top courses for you to peruse – and best of all, they’re all distance learning, so you can fit them in amongst your other responsibilities as you choose!

Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support (University of Aberdeen)

MEd, PgCert or PgDip

January/September start


 This postgraduate course will equip you with the emotional and professional skills to support the young people you work with. Delivered entirely online from a world-class university, you’ll be well-equipped for the contemporary challenges of pastoral care in an educational setting. This course can be studied full-time or part-time.

Inclusive Education (University of the West of Scotland)


January/September start


As pupils come from a variety of backgrounds with a mixture of differing abilities and needs, it is as important as ever to be able to take on with confidence the complex requirements of teaching in a diverse environment. This course will allow you to do exactly that, allowing you to study part-time for a qualification that will give you vital professional skills.


Digital Education (University of Edinburgh)


January/September start


The digital age is upon us! The internet and associated subjects have had a profound effect on education and the process of learning itself – make sure you’re fully up to date in an ever-changing world with this course. Delivered part-time (although a full-time option is available), this course will make you confident in confronting the challenges of the modern learning environment.

Mental Health and Education (University of the West of Scotland)


January/September start


Taking into account the mental health of pupils has increased hugely in significance in the past few years. Make yourself indispensable with this rewarding and relevant course that is covers a variety of content on young people’s mental health and how it relates to their engagement with the educational world.

Assessment in Education (University of Glasgow)


September start


The subject of assessment in education is a complex and significant one. This three-year online course will equip you with the skills to critically engage on a deep level, looking at assessment in the context of the local and international education systems and providing you with a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical issues surrounding assessment.

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