Acing the big reveal: results day

Across England results for GCSE’s, A-levels and AS will be coming into schools and colleges. A stressful time for everyone involved, let the adrenaline take hold and guide your students in the right direction – no matter the outcome

Thousands of students nervously await the big results reveal. Emotions will be in overdrive, anxiety will consume the school walls and the giddy chatter of students too apprehensive to open their results will cement the arrival of the biggest day of their lives.

As a teacher, you will be on the frontline of the action and it will fall on your shoulders to support students if it all goes right, or wrong. Being on hand with guidance and next step strategies will help you, and your students, to feel more in control.


Thursday 16 August kicks off the results process. The markings inside a little brown envelope holds the answers for university placements, undecided next steps, or in some cases, disappointment.

Before collecting their results, encourage your students to head to UCAS Track (which opens at around 8m on results day) so they can discover if their firm university place has been confirmed.

This means students can have some more time to process if their university has or has not accepted them and they can come into school or college with a head that is ready to listen to next steps. After all, if it doesn’t go to plan there’s going to be a period of distress before anyone is ready to hear the options available.


On Thursday 23 August students who sat their GCSE’s during the summer will have their turn of results day. Similar to the A-level and AS results there will be cheers and tears. Students who didn’t get what they hoped for, or needed, can become emotional or unsure of the next steps.

Pupils who have missed out on a placement in college or sixth form may be left feeling disheartened. Make sure you are on hand to encourage and support them through this time and reassure students that there are options available.

Have an empty classroom with a phone available for students to call colleges to guidance on the best steps available. Remind students that their college of choice or sixth form could still take them, get them on a similar course or provide places for resits.

In some cases, appeals are also a viable option for students to pursue.


This year will see schools and colleges have a second chance at to challenge results. Subjects including, GCSE English Language, English Literature, and GCSE maths will have additional appeals that your students can take forward. Make sure students are aware that there are charges in place for appeals and results could either go up or down.

The big reveal is a testing and stressful time for everyone. Even though you didn’t sit the exam, you’ve guided students to the finishing line and congratulated the triumphs, celebrated the surprise successes and commiserated the disappointments.

Useful results day contacts:

UCAS Exam Results Helpline

0808 100 8000


0800 197 7162

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