Adventures with PGL

School trips are a highlight for school pupils and teachers alike. So how do you go about arranging your own? PGL, the UK’s leading provider of school trips and children’s adventure holidays, is a hugely popular option with schools, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences that fit with the curriculum too. Barry Forbes, a teacher at Montrose Academy, relates his experience of organising his first PGL trip earlier this year – a water sports adventure at La Fosca on the Costa Brava.

How did you get on organising your trip with PGL?

Although I have been to lots of PGL centres, this was my first time actually organising a PGL trip. In addition to the high quality of the paperwork and the efficiency of their staff, my tour organiser was very patient with me and very helpful!

Did you set any learning objectives?

Yes. We were aiming to increase personal responsibility, help our pupils make new friends, try new activities and remove themselves from their individual comfort zones. I’m happy to say that with the help of our PGL team all the pupils achieved this as the week progressed.

Ardeche Descent

What helped you achieve these objectives?
The instructors were excellent and enthusiastic and very capable of conveying the skills required for each activity. There was a fantastic range of activities and all my kids were fully involved. There was also a reassuring regard for safety among the PGL staff.

How was the food and accommodation?
The food was excellent: the accommodation was fantastic too.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your trip?
For me, it was seeing the pupils develop as the week went on. Every single session was fabulous and very well planned.  We were so pleased with PGL La Fosca for giving the pupils such a good week and for making it so enjoyable for the teachers who were there too.

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