Benefits of attending a pre-university summer programme

Summer programs have been in existence for many years, from traditional multi activity summer camps to specialist schools, there has never been any doubt that young people benefit greatly from attending such programs.

In addition, over the last 10 years, the availability of Pre-University summer programs and schools has been on the rise with the benefits to students known to be far reaching.

Summer School

For young people considering university and looking for a taste of what university life can be like, a recognised summer school is a great way to give students a university experience in a fully supervised environment whilst giving them a feeling of independence.

Attending a summer program allows students to experience life away from home, meaning they are better prepared for when the time comes to leave for university.

When else can a 16 year old live on campus within the university halls, dine with other students morning, noon and night, attend classes they have chosen as opposed to ones they must attend, and have the freedom to explore the campus relaxing with peers over coffee and enjoying the state of the art facilities?


Summer programs based on university campuses tend to be academic summer schools with a number of options for students to choose from depending on what they are looking for from a summer program.

Students can take courses not offered at high school and often these are taught to university level. Popular courses that summer schools provide include: Debate, Study Skills, Essay Writing, Leadership and Business Studies.

As summer schools teach in a more experiential way than traditional every day school, students are involved in the learning process and this often results in a deeper form of learning and applicable skills.


Summer School programs often cover public speaking and presentation skills as well as helping students to develop leaderships skills that help them both socially and in an academic setting.

As well as the benefits of living on campus and studying a subject that may not be available at high school, there are other key benefits that cannot be ignored.


  • Develop a social understanding
  • Increase confidence and social skills
  • Gives students the edge when applying to university

There are a number of programs available in the UK and abroad for students to consider.

ISSOS International Summer Schools, for example, provides access to such programs at world-renowned locations which include St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale Universities.