Gaelic in the classroom and beyond

The National Gaelic Language Plan 2018-2023 which sets out the framework for the faster growth of the language across Scotland has been launched by John Swinney, deputy first minister of Scotland. The central purpose of the plan is to encourage and enable more people to use Gaelic more often and

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Obesity: Scotland’s sweet tooth

Young kids struggling to run in PE, only eating junk food at lunchtime, sugar highs and lows, and morbidly obese before they’re in double digits… It’s upsetting for any teacher to witness, but unfortunately it’s the reality in many Scottish classrooms. We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic.

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The power of music in education

Learning comes in various shapes and forms for students. Some are instantly invested in the classroom environment and others take time to adjust. In certain instances, pupils may be completely disconnected to learning. ARTISTIC DIRECTION COOL Music is a collaboration between Glasgow Caledonian University and the Edinburgh-based social enterprise Heavy

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