Interdisciplinary learning: creative thinking for a complex world

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, the RSE’s Education Committee will hold its first education conference, bringing together teachers, policy makers, educational leaders and researchers to discuss interdisciplinary learning. Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) draws together knowledge and understanding from multiple subjects or disciplines in order to solve problems or advance understanding of a subject. During the Conference, the concept of IDL

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Leckie and Leckie: supporting teachers and students

Leckie and Leckie is Scotland’s leading educational publisher, dedicated to creating resources designed specifically for Scottish teachers and students, and covering subjects right across the Secondary spectrum, as well as Primary English and Maths. Our Secondary textbooks and revision resources have been praised widely, and are trusted widely, too. We

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NASUWT: Putting teachers first

NASUWT is the largest teachers’ union in the UK and the fastest growing in Scotland, representing teachers and headteachers in all sectors from early years to further education. NASUWT has a philosophy of ‘putting teachers first’ and campaigns to improve teachers’ pay, reduce workload, remove bureaucracy, achieve a better work/life

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