Handling the personal statement

Who would have thought 4,000 characters could be so daunting? The personal statement is dreaded from students and teachers alike, but it’s easier than you think to get your head around personal statements and lead students to success. Personal statement: two words that are guaranteed to release groans, sighs, and worry from your students. Essential for those looking to

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World Mental Health Day: Make it Count

On 10 October every year it is World Mental Health Day (WMHD) and this year’s theme is young people and mental health in a changing world.  It’s important to talk about mental health all year round but every year WMHD highlights the need to speak openly and honestly about our

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100,000 Scots to be trained in data skills over the next decade

Two Edinburgh universities have launched a drive to train 100,000 Scots in data skills over the next decade. The new venture between Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt universities could transform the area into the data capital of Europe. It is estimated that Scotlands needs around 13,000 extra workers with data skills each

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