EIS pay ballot emails begin to arrive

Teachers across Scotland have been urged today to reject a three per cent pay rise offer from the Scottish government.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), Scotland’s largest teaching union, has called for teachers to reject the offer – it has been campaigning for a 10 per cent raise, and has called the government’s offer “divisive”.


The union started sending out the ballot by email this morning, and is encouraging all members to vote in the ballot and have their voices heard. For those members who do not have a registered email address, postal ballots were sent out first class yesterday.


The ballot comes after up to 30,000 teachers, friends, family and supporters marched through Glasgow in support of the calls for a 10 per cent pay increase.


The EIS estimates that teachers’ pay has decreased by a fifth in the last decade, and has failed to rise in line with inflation. The government has offered a rise of three per cent for all staff earning up to £80,000, but have argued that the majority of staff will receive raises of between five and 11 per cent.


Teachers have until 20 November to vote in the ballot.


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