Enhance your skills with SCEL

Teen student is working with her teacher on the computer during her lesson. They are talking and laughing.

Since its launch in 2014, the Scottish College for Educational Leadership has supported many education professionals – and this year, they’re offering even more fantastic opportunities. We found out more about what SCEL has to offer teachers from depute CEO and director of programmes Lesley Whelan

When it comes to professional learning opportunities, few organisations have the same variety as the Scottish College for Educational Leadership. SCEL has been offering teachers a myriad of development opportunities since its launch in 2014, and this year, they’ve got even more on offer.

At present, the SCEL team are accepting applications for their Teacher Leadership programme (for teachers), the Into Headship programme (for aspiring head teachers), as well as the brand new Excellence in Headship programme, which is for head teachers who have been in post for over two years.

“Excellence in Headship is an opportunity for experienced head teachers to engage in rich professional learning and continue their growth as leaders,” explains Lesley Whelan, depute CEO of SCEL. “Development activity should be linked in with the professional review and development processes that are in place across the system, with the aim of enhancing the capacity of head teachers to be lead learners and to broaden their networks.”


SCEL’s programmes aren’t just for teachers looking to move into promoted posts – there are learning opportunities to help class teachers recognise their leadership skills and experience,
view themselves as leaders and to explore their potential, through the
newly relaunched Framework for Educational Leadership.

“We’ve done a lot of work to simplify and streamline access to the online Framework,” says Lesley. “The Framework is home to a diverse range of interactive learning activities designed to inspire, motivate and challenge Scotland’s educators in schools and early learning establishments”.

The Framework offers education professionals a structured approach to their leadership learning journey, encouraging reflection and professional enquiry.  Teachers are encouraged to identify their own strengths and areas for development, and to select different development activities to build around this, both those delivered by SCEL and endorsed external partners.


“It’s about being self aware, leadership of learning, understanding values, working with partners, working collaboratively,” Lesley explains. “Those core aspects are addressed through a range of professional learning activities.”

Through their range of programmes, SCEL are really encouraging school staff to make a difference in the classroom, within their school and the wider community – and make a real difference to the outcomes for children and young people at the same time.

“Engaging with the Framework for Educational Leadership would be a good start when it comes to boosting your leadership potential!” Lesley says. “But engage too in self evaluation and critical reflection. Know yourself, understand who you are, what you want to do, where you see yourself going, what your development needs are and engage in appropriate developmental activity.”

To find out more about SCEL’s professional learning opportunities, head to the website, www.scelscotland.org.uk