Interdisciplinary learning: creative thinking for a complex world

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, the RSE’s Education Committee will hold its first education conference, bringing together teachers, policy makers, educational leaders and researchers to discuss interdisciplinary learning.

Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) draws together knowledge and understanding from multiple subjects or disciplines in order to solve problems or advance understanding of a subject.

During the Conference, the concept of IDL will be further explained to showcase how it can translate into a classroom environment.

The scope of the Conference will include schools, further and higher education, lifelong learning and pathways into employment.


Speakers from Finland and America will join local experts to discuss the role of IDL in current education systems to nurture creative talents, knowledge and skills needed to ensure future economic prosperity and social resilience.

Experts will examine the capacity of IDL to motivate learners, illuminate disciplinary learning and improve attainment, exploring whether it triggers creativity, innovation and higher-order skills and why IDL is valued in the workplace.


Workshops and poster sessions will aim to stimulate discussion of the value of IDL, the challenges of its implementation, the balance between generalists and specialists and how IDL should be developed across our education system. Share experiences and learn from colleagues throughout the event.

Senior school pupils and students will attend the Conference and report on their experiences and views in the concluding discussion.

Conference outputs will include abstracts, key outcomes from plenary and workshop discussions, video interviews and ideas about how to develop IDL across our education system.

The programme will combine insights from leading international experts with practical wisdom and experience from closer to home.

One-day Conference


Wednesday 30 January 2019 9am – 6pm at the RSE


Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments


Full price – £80

PSTT Members – £60

Students/Teachers – £40


Phone: 0131 240 2780