Learn to code under pressure by breaking your way out of an ‘Escape Room’ box

Break free from the traditional classroom setting with The Coding Box – the world’s first workshop to combine the fun of ‘Escape Rooms’ with maths, coding and learning. ‘Escape Rooms’ are real life adventure games where players are locked in rooms filled with riddles and deceptions that they must solve to escape. The Coding Box has downsized and child-proofed this same concept, transforming it into an educational tool.

To coincide with British Science Week (9-12 March), The Happy Puzzle Company are bringing The Coding Box to classrooms across the UK. Students at both secondary and primary school levels will spend an hour tackling padlocked crates full of puzzles and games. Powered by teamwork and personal development, participants will unlock the joy of coding and realise their own problem-solving potential!

With coding becoming a vital part of the UK curriculum, the creator of The Coding Box and founder of The Happy Puzzle Company, Gavin Ucko, said: “The Coding Box will help students to build resilience and develop a Growth Mindset.”

Students will be given a series of clues which when linked will crack the codes on a group of padlocks. The pupils will work in teams, and with time on their tails, to solve each lock in sequence. The task is to unlock them all and escape before time runs out. By using a bunch of quirky code-cracking devices such as specially adapted 3D glasses, a robotic coding mouse, balancing towers, cubes, and a selection of endless keys, students will be fully immersed in this unique experience. And, The Coding Box can entertain up to 300 students a day.

While challenges vary in length and difficulty depending on education level, all boast improvements in resilience, team skills, speed of thought, coding, and encouragement of a growth mindset. ‘Escape Rooms’ have fast become one of the most popular games worldwide and The Coding Box is on a mission to make this highly beneficial experience available in all schools.

For more information and how you can book The Coding Box workshop, visit Puzzle Challenge Days.