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Leckie and Leckie is Scotland’s leading educational publisher, dedicated to creating resources designed specifically for Scottish teachers and students, and covering subjects right across the Secondary spectrum, as well as Primary English and Maths.

Our Secondary textbooks and revision resources have been praised widely, and are trusted widely, too. We offer affordable, accessible and authoritative core resources for classroom teaching from Second Level to Advanced Higher.

Our Student Books are a complete core resource matching each qualification, with our new Practice Question Book range adding extra opportunities to consolidate learning and raise attainment in Maths and Sciences at all levels.

For students, our revision Success Guides, Grade Boosters and Practice Test Papers ensure each candidate is fully prepared for exam performance.

Teachers can order a free sample copy of any book from Leckie & Leckie, giving you the chance to see for yourself why we are the popular choice for student books and revision guides for schools. (Terms & conditions apply.)

We are currently preparing new editions of all our National 5 revision, textbook and exam resources to match the new assessment arrangements for the May 2018 Diet. Register at newsletter.leckieandleckie.co.uk for updates and visit www.leckieandleckie.co.uk for more information.

No.1 in Scotland for Revision

Covering a wide range of subjects, our revision resources help students succeed in their exams. Leckie and Leckie’s Practice Papers help your students prepare for the look and feel of their exam so they can do their best on the big day. Our new Practice Question Books are versatile resources which offer masses of practice questions, grouped by topic, for plenty of practice opportunities. Additional revision resources available include our Success Guides, a revision guide for all abilities and learning styles, as well as Grade Boosters to help students achieve a higher grade.

Our new Student promotion is available online now for special savings on revision and exam practice. Students can save 30% off all revision resources. They simply enter PUPIL1718 at the checkout at www.leckieandleckie.co.uk.

Whether it’s classroom textbooks or revision guides you and your students need, we’ve got a resource for you.

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