What is Teachers’ Resource?

Scotland’s number one student title Source was designed by DC Publishing to be picked up or handed out in schools and other places of education with the aim of inspiring Scotland’s young people about their futures. So why not develop something especially for teachers which will enable them not only to make the most of what Source has to offer, but also keep them up to date on different issues affecting Scottish classrooms and keep them entertained in their lunch break? The Teachers’ Resource does exactly that.

What’s inside?

Re:SOURCE contains a mix of informative and helpful features designed to benefit busy teachers. These include:

  • A summary of what’s in the latest issue of Source magazine and how to use it in the classroom.
  • Information on the latest events, initiatives and competitions that teachers can get their students involved with.
  • A fantastic lifestyle section, with features on travel, out-of-school activities, technology – all of the things that matter to teachers beyond lesson plans!
  • Issue-based articles providing invaluable advice and information to teachers on how to deal with potentially complex subjects such as forced marriage, bullying, eating disorders, young carers, sectarianism and gifted children.

Why should I advertise in Resource?

Resource offers you the perfect platform to showcase your product, organisation or service directly to a vase and varied audience.

Going directly into schools, Resource reaches the decision-makers – people who hold the keys to departmental and whole-school budgets. If you have a product or service which could benefit teachers or school pupils, Resource is the ideal place to speak to the country’s education workers.

With more than 27,000 full and part-time teachers working in secondary schools across Scotland, all earning a reasonable wage, Resource is a great way of getting to a captive audience with a disposable income. According to a Scottish Parliament report, classroom teachers at the mid-point in the pay scale would be earning £28,794 in 2010, at the time of the current pay freeze.

Whatever you’re looking to promote, Resource provides the opportunity to direct your advertising efforts at this specialised and successful demographic.

For further details, contact sales manager Karen Mackenzie on 0844 2499 007 or email