National 5 revision tips with Leckie & Leckie

Exams are always stressful – but this year’s students have the added challenge of being the first to sit the new format National 5, which places more emphasis on the final exam and less on individual unit assessments throughout the year. This means nailing those revision and exam techniques has never been more important!

So how can you help your teenager prepare to succeed?

We teamed up with the experts at Leckie & Leckie Revision Guides, to find out.

In N5 & Higher Study Skills, motivational speaker Lee Jackson breaks things down by telling students to get real, get sorted and get results:

Get real

Encourage your teenager to think honestly about their progress so far. Help them to assess how much effort they’re putting in, whether they’re hitting their teacher’s targets and what their grades are likely to be.

Encourage them to have confidence and believe in themselves, but be honest: they’ll need to put the work in to achieve success.

Get sorted

Come up with an action plan for how they are going to use their remaining time, and help them get their notes and books in order. Remind them that studying won’t last forever and there will be plenty of time to wind down and relax afterwards during the holidays.

Get results

Now it’s about maintaining energy until the exams begin.

Encourage your teenager to revise without distractions  but remind them to take regular breaks and stay active for a healthy body and mind. And, of course, importantly get a good night’s sleep!

Here are a few more of Leckie & Leckie’s top tips:

  • Learn it: when tackling a new topic, learn it three times and in three different ways, ideally within 24 hours
  • Revise it: return to a subject one day later, one week later and three weeks later. Every time you revise an idea you reinforce your memory of it
  • Practice it: use sample practice papers to find out your strengths and weaknesses, familiarise yourself with the exam format and get yourself used to answering within a time limit

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