Outdoor learning offers for teachers with Field Studies Council

Nature based STEM learning opportunities for teachers and pupils with the Field Studies Council (FSC).

Residential Visits and Outreach

Stay at FSC Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae for an immersive learning experience, enhancing students’ connections with curriculum-linked school trips.

Alternatively arrange for our Outreach Officer to deliver a selection of activities at your school, or at one of the FSC residential partner sites.

  • STEM-focussed learning with experts in beautiful outdoor settings.
  • LOtC Quality Badge approved and risk-assessed courses; reduces paper work for teachers!
  • Helps meet the Learning for Sustainability entitlement for pupils.

Professional Development

FSC CPD courses for teachers help build confidence and skills in Outdoor Learning, STEM, Citizen Science, Learning for Sustainability, Literacy and Numeracy:

  • STEM by Nature for Primary/BGE practitioners
  • Creative Geography Fieldwork
  • Practical Skills for Biology

Arrange a trip with FSC today by emailing enquiries.mil@field-studies-council.org or calling 0147 553 1420