SEN schools excel in latest Ofsted reports

Outstanding, meaning exceptionally good: this is how a vast majority of SEN schools were ranked in the most recent Ofsted reports. Every school will go through an Ofsted inspection at one point or another and preparation is essential for success.

The main objective of an inspection is to ensure that young people obtain the highest level of education possible. It can be a daunting experience having inspectors sitting in on your classes, but remember, it’s all to ensure the hard work you’re doing is allowing the potential of your pupils to flourish.


All schools and their teachers continually work to prepare pupils for life outside of the classroom. Teachers and support staff work together to ensure that the best of a pupil’s potential is encouraged and allowed to flourish. The Ofsted report is a public round of applause.

The most recent Ofsted report (published on 13 December 2017) figures* revealed that independent SEN schools have increased from 74% rated at good or outstanding in 2014, to 78% in 2017. There has been a steady increase over the years to celebrate the good work that SEN schools across the country do for children with additional or complex needs.

It’s a testament to the staff at SEN schools and their dedication to creating an environment where pupils can thrive and grow. There’s no denying that working as an SEN teacher and handling challenging behaviour can be troublesome, but it’s apparent that the work is successful.

Now, it’s time to prepare for the next inspection and give it 100%.


If you’re due an inspection or waiting on tenterhooks for the call, being ahead of the game is the first step to success.

PLAN OF ACTION: gather past grades together, tidy up the classroom, tell parents, and get all the relevant documents in order. Preparation is essential for an Ofsted inspection so continually assessing your documents and getting a plan in place will make the experience a lot less stressful.

DREAM TEAM: Avengers Assemble, or simply have a dedicated team meeting to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength. This is a chance to motivate each other, show support, and ensure everyone acts as a team.

SHOWCASE STRATEGIES: all teachers have their own methods and styles to get the best from their students. If it works, show it off. From individualised class plans to sessions learning outside, if you have a strategy make sure it is at the highest level possible – this includes plans, assessments and grades.

WELCOME: nerves can get the best of us at any time. Welcome all the inspectors into the school, hand out refreshments, and showcase why you’re so proud to teach at your school. The positivity and dedication will be

Check out where your school comes in on the Ofsted website. All reports are public.