Thank a teacher this World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teacher Day, an opportunity for your students to show their appreciation for all of the hard work you do.

The dedicated day falls on 5 October every year and is a well deserved acknowledgment of the positive ways teachers contribute to young people’s lives.

Why we celebrate

Aside from the celebration of teachers themselves, the day was first celebrated in 1994 and commemorates the adoption of the 1996 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation recommendation concerning the status of teachers.

The recommendation sets the benchmark for the rights and responsibilities of teachers. It also sets the standards for their initial and further education, recruitment, employment, teaching conditions and learning conditions.

This year’s theme is ‘the right to education means the right to a qualified teacher’ in celebration of the 70 year anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education is recognised as a key fundamental right.

Thank a teacher

The thank a teacher campaign was created to acknowledge teachers who show an interest in who we are, listen to our thoughts, inspire us to learn and encourage us to achieve our best despite our goals.

The campaign, organised by The Pearson Teaching Awards, allows you to send a free thank you card to a teacher who has helped you. Students aren’t the only ones who can send a card, ex-students, colleagues, parents or really anyone can send a card. Video messages can also be uploaded via YouTube.

Click here to send a thank you card to a teacher that you value and appreciate.

Who will you be thanking this World Teachers’ Day? Let us know on Twitter.