What if… you could foster?

It’s Foster Care Fortnight between 13 and 26 May and Action For Children are encouraging anyone who’s considered fostering to reach out and have a chat with their friendly recruitment team – now is a perfect time to get informed!

Becoming a foster carer is a big decision – but life changing for you and the young people that are supported by the charity.

Action for Children Fostering is a Scotland-wide service that provides long term fostering for young people aged five and above, which aims to provide safe, secure and stable family environments so that the young person can experience a positive model of life for the future.

It’s often the little things that make a difference to a young person’s life, like someone to guide and care when things are right or wrong, someone who knows it’s their birthday and celebrates it.

Action For Children asked their foster carers about what it’s like to care for a young person, and here’s some of the quotes:

“Life is about learning but also about having that person to teach you the right things in life. I love being part of the young person’s path in learning and making a difference”. Tanya, foster carer

“I influence those in my care with a safe, stable and consistent home to live in, I also show my young people love and give as much support as I can, especially to give them hopes and dreams for their future, because we all deserve that in life.” Jessica, Foster Carer

“Before I became a foster carer I had a variety of different jobs. When I was 26 my 13 year old nephew came to live with us which was when I got to experience of what it’s like to be caring for a young person and making a lasting difference to their life.

“After supporting him into his 20’s and seeing the success he made of his life, which would have been very different had he not come to live with us, it prompted me into fostering”. Shirley, foster carer

Whether you’re old or young, married or single, male or female, gay or straight, renting or a homeowner – you can foster. It’s not about your circumstances, it’s about the support you can offer a child.

Request your Information Pack today and start your journey with fostering.

Call Action For Children at 0141 222 1770 or email fostercare.caps@actionforchildren.org.uk

You can also visit the charity’s website, www.actionforchildren.org.uk/fostering